Cuddy :A Complete Family Robot
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Project Description:


The BUDDY you see today is a real working prototype.

We're excited to announce that we are now ready to take BUDDY into full production.

With your help and support, we can bring BUDDY to homes & schools all around the world and change robotics forever.

Your contribution will help us to :

  • Launch pre-series production and obtain all the necessary regulatory approvals
  • Deliver our SDK (to early developers, so we can get started on building applications from day one)
  • Place our first production orders (we are already working with a partner manufacturing company, but we need to know how many BUDDY's we can produce!)

The more we raise, the more we can do.

Any perk purchased brings us one step closer to our goal. Help us make BUDDY a reality by backing this project, or help us spread the word by sharing our page.


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Goal $1,500,000
Duration Expired
Backers 50People
Project Deadline:2020-05-07
Pledge $10 8 Backers
Send us your best shot and we'll put all the photos up on our wall in our Paris office.
Limited:(12 of 20 left)
Estimated Delivery: 20days
Pledge $10
Pledge $550 11 Backers
Get the early bird for Cuddy
Shipping: $20   
Limited:(9 of 20 left)
Pledge $550
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Donate $5 for better cuddy development
Payment and Refund instructions:

BUDDY is a robot. By extension, it is a very complex system, constituting of mechanical movements, sensors, motors and other technical components.

We are working with an experienced EMS partner, Jabill Circuit Inc. (JBL), that has  a track record of delivering excellent products in very large quantities (like iphone 6 and iRobot Roomba). This minimizes manufacturing and production delays.

As BUDDY gets geared up for production, there will likely be some minor adjustments to improve the final product. These will always be for the benefit of you, the consumer, and we will let you know exactly how and why any are made.

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