Relix Wearable Cuff with Stereo Bluetooth Headphones
Creator josh | New York ,US| Technology
Project Description:

We’re all “always on” in this digital age. According to a PR Newswire study, on average we use headphones for four hours a day. The majority of those surveyed had 3 or more pairs of headphones with 48% using them every day. Constantly taking the extra time to deal with earphones is an unnecessary waste. Traditional wired earphones can be hard to carry and untangle. Say goodbye to inconvenience and stay connected. Effortlessly store your headphones with Helix.

On the Go Access: Music is always on hand with Helix. Wherever you go, it goes. Remembering to bring your headphones is easy when they’re right on your wrist.
Sleek Design: We believe your style and tech preferences can meet. Helix will fit seamlessly into your style with its modern design.

- How do I choose my Helix Cuff color / shipping address?
- Do you ship Relix Cuff for international backers?
Label: Relix
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Pledged Failed
Goal $100,000
Duration Expired
Backers 23People
Project Deadline:2020-05-07
Pledge $99 3 Backers

For super early birds, a $99 pledge will get you ONE (1x) classic Helix Cuff, which includes
- Your choice of Black or White cuff with Silver or Champagne Gold embellishments,
- Bluetooth headphones,
- USB charging cord, and
- A set of earbud covers (S, M, L).

With a MSRP of $199, this is a steal for our first supporters. This offer isn't going to last long. Pledge fast to get Helix at its lowest price.
Shipping: $10   
Limited:(37 of 40 left)
Estimated Delivery: 30days
Pledge $99
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Payment and Refund instructions:
We will start shipping Helix to our backers in December 2015. We will update you immediately if we run into supply chain issues. Major projects like this one always run the risk of coming to difficult engineering and manufacturing challenges. We’ve staffed our team with professionals to avoid problems like this. In all we do, our backers will come first. We promise to be transparent and communicate any potential delays and important milestones.
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